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This is a second coming of our website. We released several tools a few years back which were downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. Unfortunately, those tools and guides are now irrelevant/outdated/replaced, so they have been removed from the site. We get so many emails asking if our work will continue, I've decided to put the site back up with a newer generation of software that we build in our free time, for our own use, and hope that you all enjoy it and find it useful as well.

Taking these things into account, please note that we are not responsible, accountable, liable, or to be blamed for anything that happens as a result of using our software. Enjoy!


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Still here!
Old but still asked about, check out our Slipstreaming Guide. Learn how to make your own Windows and Office XP discs with Service Packs integrated!

WinSockFix 2
[ v2.0.0.0 | 10-30-07 | 201KB | XP/Vista | Screenshot ]
Continues the work of another software developer who created the famous "Winsockfix", used by thousands. Unfortunately, the original creator disappeared and ceased development but as we all know, Windows network problems persist. We picked up where they left off and now offer support for Windows Vista, along with some new tricks to get your network connection back up and kicking. Features a one-click repair of many common networking issues, please read more in our forums to see just what this baby can do. [ download ]

Unfortunately it does take a lot of time and money to develop software. Our products are (and will always be) FREE for everyone to use. However, if you have found one or more of them to be helpful, then we ask that you consider making a small donation of $10 to help us keep developing. It would help us keep doing what we do, and is most appreciated.


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